Street Spanning Banners

One of the most powerful communications mediums that exists is the street spanning banner.

These big banners can be 4' x 40' and hang directly over a large boulevard. Traffic drives under them making it easy for the driver to absorb the message. Since they are on display 24/7, community residents are exposed to the main message dozens of times a week.

Best of all, the street spanning banner is usually hung for 3 - 4 weeks a year which means that it will be able to be reused for many years. These banners are perfect for Not-For-Profit organizations trying to support fundraising or awareness campaigns. Other users include festival and event organizers, convention planners welcoming delegates to town, municipalities highlighting special programmes offered in the community, etc.

Our Street spanning banners are big, but they don't have a big wind drag to them because they are made of a tough poly/nylon mesh with the letters, logos and graphics appliqued ( sewn ) on. This gives the appearance that the letters etc are actually floating in mid air. It is very effective. Best of all, they weigh only 9 lbs. and are a real snap to install. With heavy canvas or vinyl made street spanning banners, large 'smiles' have to be cut into them to decrease the wind drag which also compromises the appearance and readability of the banner.

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