Canada Flag & Banner was created in the mid 90's by our founder and president, Robert McConkey.

As a tourism consultant to the City of Brantford, McConkey developed a street pole banner programme for Brantford as a means of celebrating their National Champion status of Communities in Bloom. The programme was so successful that in 10 short weeks, he had raised nearly $100,000 in corporate sponsorships and was able to have 383 banners adorning the streets throughout the city. Other communities heard of the Brantford banner story and called to have McConkey implement similar banner programmes in their communities.

In response to this demand, McConkey formed Canada Flag & Banner and became a national sponsor of Communities in Bloom. This resulted in the young banner company becoming the principal banner supplier to communities in every province and territory in Canada. During this period, Canada Flag & Banner became a major manufacturer of banner bracket hardware, a product that it now wholesales to other banner companies for clients worldwide.

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